Thursday, March 29, 2012

Getting Settled

We have been home for almost two weeks.  Brooke is settling in well and gaining language so quickly.  Each day is a new adventure for all of us.  We have been to the Children's Museum, several parks and started home school.  Yesterday was a beautiful day here so we took school outside and did some lessons with sidewalk chalk.  We started with art.  

Notice she wrote her name on her house.
We moved on to gym and learned how to play hop scotch.

I don't have pictures of this but we did a lot of math practice while we were out there as well.  It was a fun way to work on her math skills.  She is adding two digit numbers well and is learning how to carry.  

We also enjoyed some time with friends last night.  The kids played in the backyard and we went to the park too.  Our neighbors came over to welcome her to the neighborhood as well.  Their daughter was along and had a bike she had outgrown to give to Brooke.  It will work for her in a few years so that is great.  She also would like to babysit so we now have one babysitter to call on when we need one.

Brooke at the park a few days ago.
Dennis is planning on going back to work next week.  We will miss having him around to do stuff with.  Today we went to a great park in Sun Prairie.  We got a call from a friend tonight who wants to go there Monday with her grandkids so we will look forward to going back.

We have also been to church together.  At this point Brooke is staying in the service with us.  We have a great children's program but will not start with that until she is more settled and has more language.

We are grateful to God for the gift of this wonderful little girl.  Please continue to pray for her and all the changes that are happening in her life.  Pray for us as we teach her, love her and tell her about Jesus.

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