Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It Is Legal

Today was paperwork day.  We went to several different offices to get it all done. Here we are holding the adoption decree.  We then went to the Notary office to get all the documents made official.  We signed them there.


It was and exhausting day for everyone.  

We stopped at a mall and had lunch at Pizza Hut.  It was good and nice to have a taste from home.  We took this picture of Brooke there. 

When we got back the hotel Daddy and Brooke played with a beach ball and blew bubbles.  It was fun hearing her giggles. (I was writing this blog.)

She is really doing well with the adjustment.  We expect there will be some hard days ahead but she is doing very well. we are surprised at all she knows.  We were looking at a book of pictures we brought along and she knew many of them in English.  

She was sick yesterday with a fever. We have antibiotics along from the pediatrician and started those and she was doing better this morning. 

We stand amazed at all God has done in bringing her into our lives.  

Thanks for all your words of encouragement and prayers.  We are blessed to have so many friends standing with us at this time.


  1. How wonderful!!! So happy for you all.

  2. "O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"

    In other words, I'm ecstatic for you all! = )

  3. Wow, sounds like she is adjusting well. Hope things continue to get better and better. Blessings

  4. So happy and excited for each of you. Believe prayers are surrounding you. :-) :-) ;-)

  5. She is so beautiful and looks wonderfully happy! Yes, those first giggles are music to the ear.

  6. God is so good! She is absolutely adorable! Many hugs and prayers for you all.