Thursday, April 5, 2012

Almost a Month Since We Met

It seems hard to believe that tomorrow will be one month since we met Brooke face to face for the first time in Shanghai.  It seems like she has been part of our lives forever.  She has fit in so easily and well.

In the last few days we have been keeping ourselves busy.  She had a dental exam and cleaning this week.  She did great!  What is really neat is our hygienist is a family friend and has been praying for Brooke and us throughout our year of paper chasing.  

This morning when I was doing some housework, Brooke wanted to help.  She did a great job too.

I used the translator the other day and asked Brooke if she missed being in school and she told me she did.  I'm not surprised at all by this.  She loves to learn.  In the last two weeks she has learned all of the sounds of the English alphabet and is blending them together to read simple words.  I love teaching her as she is such and eager student.  But since she is missing school we decided to look into getting her into school for the remainder of the school year.  She has been evaluated and will start on a trial basis on Monday.  

Today I hauled out my sewing machine and made her a new dress. She is thin for her height so finding dresses that are long enough is not easy.   Here is the end result.  She loved it.

Dennis went back to work this week and I'll go back when Brooke goes to school.  I'll miss being with her all the time.  I know Dennis is missing her each day but we send him pictures of what we are doing.