Saturday, February 18, 2017


Thank you! To all of you who have prayed and supported us through the adoption process, thank you. It seems so inadequate to just say thank you but it comes from deep in our hearts.
Thank you to everyone who welcomed us at the airport - what a group and what greeting - Wow! We were blown away! I'll look forward to seeing the pictures everyone took and will post them as when I have them.
Molly is afraid of the pets so we are dodging gates and barriers at this point. Last night she had trouble getting to sleep but once she was asleep she slept well.
Please pray for peace for her as we settle in to her new world and our new normal.
If you see us out and about, be aware that she warms up after a bit but at first just needs space. Thanks for understanding as I know you want to greet her.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Heading Home

Heading home. We arrive in Madison at 10:39 pm on Friday.

The flight attendant just move our row mate so we'd have more room. We have a four seat row for the three of us. Just over 12 hours and we will be in the US and Molly will be the newest US citizen.

One flight down and two to go. Beijing to Detroit next.

We are in Deteoit and waiting on our flight. I checked to see if there was an earlier flight but there isn't so we have a out three hours to kill. Brooklyn is exhausted. She's curled up next to me and will hopefully fall asleep. Molly is eating some snacks and insisting she is not tired. There is much evidence to the contrary. I'm tired. Hopefully we all sleep well tonight.
Brooklyn is so done with all of this. Molly's strong will and lack of having been taught discipline is had to deal with when you are exhausted.
Can't wait to get over jet lag and into some stable routines.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Last Full Day in China

Last full day in China. Did some shopping and packing. Molly is really upset about moving. She doesn't want another change. When she was crying about it she clung to me and kept say she loved her Mommy.
When my friend Han Ning came Molly told her that she wanted to stay with me and not get another Mommy. Poor little girl does not understand all of this.
Please pray for Molly in this transition and also as we get home. Molly is afraid of dogs. In fact when we went to the animal park she was afraid of the animals at first but then loved it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Consulate and Park

Today was our appointment at the US consulate. This will result in them issuing Molly's VISA. When we enter the US she will become a citizen. No pictures were allowed.
We are relaxing at the hotel. Molly is napping and Brooklyn and Han Ning are playing together. Han Ning also helped Brooklyn with some Chinese.
We had a lovely traditional lunch with a friend of Han Ning. I've been starting to pack up some things.
Tomorrow we will spend a little.time shopping and then getting ready to go.
When Molly gets up we will go to the park for awhile.

We went to Martyrs Park today. They don't have a kids play area but we had fun in the adult play area.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

We Survived Today

Got ready to leave this morning and realized Brooklyn's purse was missing. Saddness. The good news is the phone was insured so I'll put in a claim when we get home. I'm hoping her pictures were backed up to the cloud. That would be the worst loss. She was helping Molly get out of the cab and missed grabbing it.

Best way to describe today is-we survived.

Rough day for Molly. From the time she got up she was just not being good. Put her down for a nap and hoping she wakes up in a better mood.
Update: A nap was not the answer. She is still having a rough day. I think some of it is grieving and some of it is her strong will. Not cool when she is melting down in a public park. I'm surprised someone didn't think I was abducting her.

It will be good to get home to quiet and structure.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Safari Park

We went to Safari Park today. It is the most amazing animal park. The tiger cubs were so cute.