Thursday, March 8, 2012


As we wait for paperwork to be completed, we had a chance to see a small part of Shanghai.  We have been assisted by our guide, Ming Ming, while we have been here.

The fist place she took us today was the Bund.  If you have ever seen pictures of Shanghai you most likely saw this area.  We took the chance to take a group picture.  One more family will join us tomorrow when we go to Guangzhou.  

From there we went to a garden and also had lunch at a steamed bun restaurant.  Brooke loved this lunch.  She does chop sticks very well but also uses a fork well.  In fact at breakfast each morning she will choose to use a fork over chop sticks.

She continues to do so well.  She is starting to tell us she loves us.  When we sit down to eat, she waits until we take her hand, then bows her head while we pray.  


The area around the garden we visited was very busy.  She told someone we met that there were too many people.  Overall she handles all of the activity well but it does tend to get her excited.

We decided to venture out as a family tonight so we took a taxi to the Carrefour.  It is similar to a super Walmart. Our guide, Ming Ming had written down the destination so we could just give it to the taxi driver.  We had fun looking around and getting a few small things.  Brooke loves these little fish crackers so we stocked up on those for her.  

We decided to have supper there as well.  After we had ordered, by pointing to pictures, Brooke told us she had to use the bathroom.  We had no idea where it was but knew we had to find it.  Well, when you are in a country where you don't speak the language you do what you have to and I resorted to using the universal child sign for needing to use the bathroom in order to ask for directions.  It worked.  Dinner was good but there were portions of Dennis' meal that he decided were manna - what is it!  We took the taxi back to the hotel.  Brooke drew a picture of the three of us on the back of her place mat.  We kept this first drawing she has done of her family.

While I started to pack us up for our flight tomorrow, Dennis helped Brooke with her bath.  This girl LOVES water.  We brought along these little bath toys - thanks for that suggestion Beth - and she has so much fun with them.

So tomorrow we are onto the next part of this trip.  We will fly out early in the afternoon and arrive in the early evening.  This will be Brooke's first flight.

Thanks for your prayers.  We love seeing your posts and emails.  By the way, if you are emailing us, the only account that is working well is our gmail accounts so please forgive us if you have emailed our regular addresses and are not getting answers.


  1. Did that one family adopt 2? or did they add to the one they already have? Are all the kids doing as well as Brooke? Does she like her name?
    Will be thinking of you for your first flight.
    I recognize some of these places you are visiting from my visit to China. :)
    Enjoy your days!

  2. How wonderful! The part you wrote about the three of you praying together...made me cry. Praise God for this amazing gift of your family...and the amazing parents He designed for Brooke.

  3. I am so thankful that things are going well for you! Suffering from jet lag, new food, a new child that is sometimes struggling- I am just so thankful that Brooke is doing so well. She is a little beauty!


  4. I can't stop crying with joy every time I read one of your posts. = )