Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Safari Park

We had a great day today at Safari Park.  It has a drive through area like Disney's Animal Kingdom but much larger.  As we drove by the park rangers would toss food to the animals.  It was very fun.  After the drive through park, there was a walking zoo as well.  We all had a great time.

These are the kids in our group.  It has been fun having them along.
They are a great group of kids.

Daddy and Brooklyn feeding a giraffe.

And the highlight of the day for me was petting a tiger cub.  Brooklyn got to feed it.  (Petting a tiger was on my "bucket list."

We spent a quiet evening out and about around the hotel.  Brooke saw some of our group with with ice cream cones so we promised her one after supper.  We are sure it must have been her first one because Dennis had to show her that you eat the cone part.

And here is a picture Brooke took of herself in the mirror at a store.

We are really doing well.  We are amazed at this incredible little girl we are privileged to call our daughter.  

Tomorrow we have decided to spend a day as a family rather that with the group.  Our plan is to do a little shopping and just spend some quality time together.

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  1. She seems to be enjoying all of these new experiences. Glad she is still doing so well. It's so much fun to be with a group who are also adopting. Everyone has so much in common and are always such special people. Blessings