Monday, March 12, 2012

Restful Day

The day began with a return trip to the clinic to have Brooke's TB test read.  I knew she would have a positive on it when I saw it.  She had been vaccinated so this is not unusual for a skin test to come up positive.  She had to have a chest x-ray to prove she did not have TB and it was fine.  

From the clinic we headed to Shamian Island. This is a very restful place to spend some time.  Brooke enjoyed playing in the park there.  There was even a nice gentleman who played badminton with her.  

The park has many sculptures in at and some really great places to get some pictures.  

In the past, most adoptive families stayed on this Island as the US Consulate and the clinic for the children's physicals were located there but they have moved off of the island now.  

This shop owner, Jordan, did Brooke's name in Chinese characters for her.

This was the first day that Brooke did not need a nap in the afternoon so we stayed on the island longer than some of the families and took a cab back to the hotel.  Cabs are very inexpensive here.  

We relaxed back at the hotel for an hour before going to dinner.  Brooke got a mini-tea set today and had fun serving us tiny cups of water.  

We had a fun evening with the Parsons and went to a genuine Chinese restaurant for supper.  


After dinner we walked to a local grocery store and got a few supplies.  We were almost out of bottled water.  

Tomorrow is a waiting day for us as we could not get a consulate appointment earlier than Thursday so most of our group is heading to Safari Park.  

We are all doing well.  Brooke puts a sticker on the calendar Dennis made for her and each day counts the number of days until she goes to America.


  1. it sounds as if things are going fairly well for you! We enjoyed a missionary to China at our church yesterday. Even though our son had been there for two years, I learned a few new things. I am praying for you!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the Island. It's so peaceful. It's beautiful in the summer. I love the little teasets. You should get a jade family ball also. Blessings