Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Orphanage Visit and Finding Spot

Today we went back to the orphanage for a visit.  We used Google Translate to tell Brooke we were going for a visit and she would not be staying.  We asked her if that was OK and she said it was. She did not seem upset at all while we were there.  She showed us where her desk was and where her bed was.  She had not lived there for very long as she had been in foster care for over 5 years until we were coming to get her.  

We also visited the1-2 year old group as one of the families in our group has a little girl that is in this age group.  We all wanted to just take home these precious little ones.  We loved seeing our precious daughter reach out to this babies.

We took this picture as we were leaving.  Not sure what the sign says.

We also visited the  spot where Brooke was found.  She was very sick at the time and was placed outside of a middle school in a very busy area where she would be found quickly.  I can't imagine how hard that must have been for her parents.

We walked around a large downtown shopping district today.  It was much like 5th Ave in New York so we did not get much other than lunch and some mittens for Brooke. We will do more shopping in Guangzhou next week.

As I write this, Brooke is playing games on a tablet and Dennis is falling asleep on the bed.  She has been so full of energy today.

She is gaining language so rapidly.  She is using words like thank you and your welcome on a routine basis.  She initiated a hug for the first time tonight.  It was great.  

Our guide told us that Brooke thinks our hotel is America so Dennis came up with the idea to do a chart and check off the days until we fly home to America.  We have a ball along that is a globe so with the chart, the ball and Google Translate we explained what the next 10 days will be like.  We will put a sticker on the chart each day to help her better prepare for her future.

She loves a bath but hates having her hair rinsed.  We will have to work on that. 

We are all doing well.  Thanks for your notes and prayers.  


  1. It brought tears to my eyes to see where your daughter was left. Thanks for sharing the baby pics.

  2. You guys are doing great! I love that she thinks the hotel is America. Isn't that a great illustration of how sometimes we think this life is heaven and we have no clue how much better that will be? = )

    If you can get her to look at the ceiling when you rinse her hair, that may help. Also holding a washcloth over her eyes to keep the suds/water out.

    The Voice of Experience = )

  3. Hi Ellen and Dennis,
    Brooke is beautiful! So glad she is adjusting so well. James was also confused about where and when we would be in America, I made sure the guide explained repeatedly that when we flew to Guangzhou we would still be in China and stay for 5 more nights and THEN fly again to come home. We still look at a map often to show him where we are and where China is and where our airplane flew. IT is a difficult concept for a child that age if they haven't travelled or looked at maps before!

  4. I think it's amazing how well she is doing. Blessings

  5. This is what that sign says."Every thing for the children, for the children everything" I had my Chinese friend translate it for me. :)
    Looking forward to more pictures. I check every morning to see what is new.
    To someone who has never travelled............the hotel is a great America! Glad she is getting a geography lesson on exactly HOW far America is. :)
    Too bad you can't put a few more in your suitcase and bring them back. Perhaps you'll go back and get a sister. Now you know the ropes.

  6. I'm glad Brook is feeling better; "full of energy" is good. Hugs are good. Getting your hair rinsed is good even if it's not much fun.
    Love and hugs, S.