Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Family Time Today

We had a fun day today exploring some places around Guangzhou as a family.  I will probably have a chance to upload a few photos tomorrow.  We did not take a lot of pictures today but Brooke did so when I look through them I'll post of few so you can see China through her pictures.  I'm glad we have digital cameras now so she can click all she wants and we don't have to have them all developed.

This evening we walked a few blocks to a park.  We were with our friends from Wisconsin and the girls had a great time together.  The park has lots of exercise equipment that the senior citizens use but the kids had a great time on it too.  We do tend to draw attention when we our out together with five Chinese children and two couples.  

Tomorrow morning we will be up early and go to the US Consulate to finish the US part of the adoption process.  We get the paperwork the next day and then head to Hong Kong.  We are looking forward to being home and settling into some routines.  

Brooke continues to do well.  When she is around people who speak Chinese she is such a talker. It has to be frustrating for her to with us and not able to easily communicate.  She does know some English and uses that to get her needs met or she is good with gestures.  She is so dramatic.  Can't wait for you all to meet her.

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