Friday, October 18, 2013

Long overdue update

I haven’t stopped by here for awhile to update Brooklyn’s blog.  Mostly because she is just a normal second grader, enjoying normal second grade stuff. 
Brooklyn’s teacher designates one week of the year for each student to be the “Star Student” for the week.  They bring in pictures, choose a special treat for Friday, are teacher’s helper all week, line leader… you get the idea.  This was Brooklyn’s week.  She was so excited about it.  At the end of the day today, I am brining in her favorite dog, Willow, for her to show her class.  She was trying to keep it a secret.  Not sure if she has. 
She also had a field trip this week.  The kids spent the day at Busy Barns Farm.  They had a great time.  There is so much to do there.  Animals to hold, corn mazes, slides, pumpkin patch…  She was exhausted when she got home and absolutely filthy but she had a great time.
Brooklyn and her best friend on their field trip.
Next week she gets glasses.  She has been having headaches and told the teacher when she moved to the front of class, “Oh good, I can see the board.”  So, we headed off to the eye doctor.  Her eyes aren’t terrible but enough that glasses are needed.  She is super excited about it.  She told us in the car after we had ordered her glasses that now we were all alike because we all wear glasses. 

We also started orthodontics.  We are trying to make a bit more space in her mouth for teeth.  She has a small mouth with large teeth.  This should help some but she will most likely need more work as she gets older. 
So, as you can see, a very typical second grader.  She loves school and is doing well.  I continue to be amazed at her heart for God and her hunger for the Word of God.  She loves Bible stories and will always ask for us to read them to her.  We are so blessed to be her parents.