Thursday, April 26, 2012

Class Trip to the Zoo

Brooklyn's class went to the zoo in Milwaukee today.  They had a great time.  Ellen went along with them.  
Class Picture

On the train with a couple of friends.
On the bus.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why Haven't You Updated Your Blog?

I used to wonder why families, once home from China with their children, would rarely blog.  Didn’t they understand that the readers who were following their stories wanted to know how they were doing?  Well, we have entered their ranks.  Adding a seven year old to our lives has definitely given me less time to blog, email or surf the net!

So what have we been doing?  Let me give you a brief tour of recent developments.  Brooke saw the cardiologist and after a thorough exam, the doctor told us her heart repair in China was great.  Brooke doesn’t go back to see the doctor for five years.

Brooke LOVES school.  She comes home every day excited about what she has learned.  Her teacher is doing an amazing job of helping her learn and understand.  This week she has a field trip to the zoo and Grandparent’s Day at school.

At church this week, Brooke went to Children’s Church for the first time.  She wanted one of us to stay with her so we did.  One of our friend’s daughters also was her buddy.  Brooke said she enjoyed it.

Between our teaching, school and church, Brooke is learning about Jesus.  She has learned the chorus of Jesus Loves Me and also started to sing it as “Jesus Loves Brooklyn”.  Just last week she started to pray out loud at meals and before bedtime.  It is a blessing to see the seeds of faith beginning to grow.

My sister and co-worker hosted a celebration shower for Brooke.  It was so much fun and a nice mix of friends and family.

I’ll end with a funny quote from Brooke.  (She told this to one of our Chinese friends who shared it with us.)  “In China I was afraid of ghosts but I’m not afraid of them here because if one came, Willow (our spaniel) would go, ‘Woof, woof, woof’ and scare it away.”

Friday, April 13, 2012


Brooke told us that she was missing going to school so this week she started school.  We decided to do a three day trial to see if she really was ready.  She loved it.  The first day, she sang and told me about her day, the whole 40 minute ride home.  She sure can tell us a lot with the words she does have and non-verbal communication.  She is attending the Christian school I went to as a child and has a wonderful teacher.  The kids in her class have welcomed her too.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Almost a Month Since We Met

It seems hard to believe that tomorrow will be one month since we met Brooke face to face for the first time in Shanghai.  It seems like she has been part of our lives forever.  She has fit in so easily and well.

In the last few days we have been keeping ourselves busy.  She had a dental exam and cleaning this week.  She did great!  What is really neat is our hygienist is a family friend and has been praying for Brooke and us throughout our year of paper chasing.  

This morning when I was doing some housework, Brooke wanted to help.  She did a great job too.

I used the translator the other day and asked Brooke if she missed being in school and she told me she did.  I'm not surprised at all by this.  She loves to learn.  In the last two weeks she has learned all of the sounds of the English alphabet and is blending them together to read simple words.  I love teaching her as she is such and eager student.  But since she is missing school we decided to look into getting her into school for the remainder of the school year.  She has been evaluated and will start on a trial basis on Monday.  

Today I hauled out my sewing machine and made her a new dress. She is thin for her height so finding dresses that are long enough is not easy.   Here is the end result.  She loved it.

Dennis went back to work this week and I'll go back when Brooke goes to school.  I'll miss being with her all the time.  I know Dennis is missing her each day but we send him pictures of what we are doing.