Tuesday, February 14, 2017

We Survived Today

Got ready to leave this morning and realized Brooklyn's purse was missing. Saddness. The good news is the phone was insured so I'll put in a claim when we get home. I'm hoping her pictures were backed up to the cloud. That would be the worst loss. She was helping Molly get out of the cab and missed grabbing it.

Best way to describe today is-we survived.

Rough day for Molly. From the time she got up she was just not being good. Put her down for a nap and hoping she wakes up in a better mood.
Update: A nap was not the answer. She is still having a rough day. I think some of it is grieving and some of it is her strong will. Not cool when she is melting down in a public park. I'm surprised someone didn't think I was abducting her.

It will be good to get home to quiet and structure.

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