Sunday, February 5, 2017

Grief and Loss

It is so 12:30 in the morning. Molly had such a hard day yesterday. We got her around 3:30. I do not have many pictures as she cried so hard. We went to our room right after paperwork was signed. She sat in a chair and cried for hours. She barely ate. She refused everything I tried. She wanted to keep her bags closed and kept wanting to put shoes on. It was hard to watch.
Brooklyn struggled with it. She was in tears too. However, she was great as a big sister. She was patient and loving. Molly is sleeping with her.
I am assuming tomorrow will be hard when she wakes up. The orphanage staff will be at our morning meeting. I know that grieving is good. She has loved and been loved but it is still hard to see her heart so broken.
We appreciate your prayers for all of us.

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