Saturday, February 4, 2017


Please keep Brooklyn in your prayers. She has felt slightly dizzy since we got here. I thought it was jet lag but I'm beginning to think it may be some ear issue. I gave her some pseudophedrine and hope that opens things up. At this point she does not have ear pain so that is a good thing.
We met the two other families who are here adopting. It is a second adoption for all of us. We are going with one of the families to do a little shopping. It is nice to have others here with us.
Finding food for Brooklyn has been a bit of a struggle due to her shellfish allergy but we are surviving. She fills up on rice or noodles and we have some protein along so it is working. We error on the side of being careful with the choices we make.
Please pray for us as you head to bed tonight. Pray especially for Molly as she leaves the only life she has known and joins our family today.

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