Friday, February 17, 2017

Heading Home

Heading home. We arrive in Madison at 10:39 pm on Friday.

The flight attendant just move our row mate so we'd have more room. We have a four seat row for the three of us. Just over 12 hours and we will be in the US and Molly will be the newest US citizen.

One flight down and two to go. Beijing to Detroit next.

We are in Deteoit and waiting on our flight. I checked to see if there was an earlier flight but there isn't so we have a out three hours to kill. Brooklyn is exhausted. She's curled up next to me and will hopefully fall asleep. Molly is eating some snacks and insisting she is not tired. There is much evidence to the contrary. I'm tired. Hopefully we all sleep well tonight.
Brooklyn is so done with all of this. Molly's strong will and lack of having been taught discipline is had to deal with when you are exhausted.
Can't wait to get over jet lag and into some stable routines.

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