Wednesday, September 14, 2016

It's Killing Me

Waiting for a match is going to kill me I'm sure - at least that is how I feel today. Most days I am doing OK. Each day past is one day closer to seeing her face. Still hoping for a match very soon so I'll be able to send a care package with the team in early October.
I'd love to be able to travel over Christmas but that too requires a match soon. I actually booked a kennel for the pets for Christmas. I was shocked they still had an opening. The good news is I can cancel up to 14 days prior. If it turns out that I'm not near to traveling to China at Christmas, Brooklyn and I are planning on getting away and spending the time with some friends. It just feels like we need a different Christmas this year. With both Dennis and Mom gone, Christmas is very different anyway. Hopefully, we'll be using that kennel reservation for our trip to China.
Please pray specifically for the file we are waiting on to come very soon. Also, I need about $20,000 for in country fees and travel expenses. Pray for God's provision in this area as well.

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