Friday, September 23, 2016

I Want to be Her Mommy

Update on the file I am reviewing.
The file I reviewed yesterday has some processing steps in China to complete. It needs approval from the province and from the CCCWA (China's adoption governing agency). This will most likely take a few months at best. At that point, Gladney will be able to submit my request to be matched with her. From that point, it will take another 3 months or so until I travel. So, most likely we are looking at early spring.
This presents a huge prayer request, my home study is good for one year which will end in mid-April. I need to have finished the adoption by then. An update is possible but the agency who did the home study went out of business so it makes getting an update a bit more complicated. Please pray for fast handling of paperwork now and in the steps after approval.
All of that to say, yes, I want to be her Mommy.

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