Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I Said Yes

Waiting - if you are ever involved in an adoption, waiting is something you do a lot. I'm doing it again.
In regards to the little girl whose file I reviewed last week; my response - YES! So now I'm waiting. Her file is going through processing in China and will be ready in 2-3 months. Then I can officially submit my request to be her Mommy. China will most likely take a few weeks to say "yes" to my request and then a few more steps with immigration in the US and China before I can travel. Brooklyn and I will travel to China to get her after all of that is done. We are thinking it will most likely be late winter or early spring.
I can't share pictures until China says yes so you will have to wait awhile. However, the little girl who keeps repeating the English words in the video below, that Gladney posted on their website, is becoming very special to me. I have watched this video a lot recently. ;)
Please pray for
1. rapid processing of all steps of the paperwork
2. for China to say yes
3. for the finances I need to complete the adoption (www.purecharity.com/hierl-family-adoption)
4. for patience along the way

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