Tuesday, January 3, 2017


No, I'm not nesting or packing - this is just uh, ... OK, yes, I'm starting to gather and pack. Won't be long now until we head to China. Praying for Feb. 5 to be the day we meet her. I found out today that in her province, we will meet her on Sunday. Most provinces do Monday as the day families get their children.
Please pray for the waiting and the processing of the rest of the details. Our last piece of paperwork gets picked up on Jan. 12 and then we wait for China to issue a travel approval. That step usually takes 3-8 days. After that it is just about travel arrangements and we get to leave.
Please pray for Molly this week. Her buddy, Jade, will be leaving to meet her family on Sunday. I can only imagine how hard it will be for her to have her friend leave. My prayer has been that this will further prepare her to be part of our family.

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