Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Guest Post

Lori Kietzke Oehlhof
As God was preparing Dennis to leave this world two years ago HE already knew what would transpire in this women I call a dear friend. She will leave almost two years to the day of his death to pick up her second adopted daughter. God has spoken!
It is through loss, adoption and our faith she has taught me what living a God honoring, Christ filled life looks like. She honored him as a wife and mother, caring for him with compassion and HOPE. And when the time came she stood with courage, around her husbands hospice bed, as he took some of his final labored breaths, and said its okay honey Brooklyn and I will be fine. Go and be with Jesus. Others whispered and reassured Dennis we will take care of your family. They are our family too. We were all a part of Gods adopted family. We then prayed, for Dennis to be healed, even if it were to be in heaven.....

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