Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Her Room
While we wait on paperwork to get processed, we are preparing for our daughter's arrival. This room used to be Ellen's office but a fresh coat of paint, new furniture, curtains Ellen made and a few decorations and it is starting to look like a little girl's room.  Now it just needs a little girl to call it home. 


  1. Darling! The lady bug accents in NiNi's room fills me with loving memories. My mom called my daughter "Sweetie bug" and put a ladybug (embroidered, appliqued, a button, etc.) on every piece of clothing she made for Annie. Between the lady bugs and the red (a very lucky color), NiNi's room is clearly furnished with love.

  2. Her room looks beautiful! :) I am sure she will love it! Hang in there...this is a crazy journey but it will be so worth it once we get these girls home. :)