Sunday, August 7, 2011

Busy Couple of Days

The last few days have been full of activity.   First, our immigration papers are in the mail and on their way!  Monday we will send off the papers for authentication.  Two major steps will be in the process of getting done.

The next major activity was painting our daughter's room.  I started the task early on Saturday morning and before I went to bed, the room was painted and the carpet was cleaned.  We received a call that the furniture for the room came in earlier than expected so it made completing this task critical. We can't wait to see it all set-up after the furniture is delivered.  I still need to make the curtains.  That will most likely be my project this week.

While I was painting, Dennis was building storage shelves in our store room in the basement.  We really needed these as we have things from my former office that now need a home. He got a great start on those on Saturday.

We are still waiting to have our daughter's profile posted in China so continue to pray that happens soon. We would love to know she is "paper ready" in China and then to be provisionally matched with her.  At that point we will share pictures with you of our beautiful girl.

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