Monday, August 8, 2011

Mixed News to Share

The good news is our daughter's profile finally showed up on the boards in China as available for adoption.  The news is a bit mixed though.  Her special need was repaired as a child and she is doing really well.  That is the good part of the news.  This however, placed her in a category of children that does not allow us to get a provisional approval until all of our paperwork is in China.  

So, here is what happens at this point:
1.  Our agency has exclusive rights to her file for 90 days but they have talked to the officials in China and can get an extension on this time frame.  (That makes us very nervous though since we lost the last little girl's profile.)
2. Our documents arrived at immigration today.  Usually it has been taking around 55 days to get through this process.  We also sent off most of our documents for authentication which should be done in the next month or so.  
3. We will need to authenticate our immigration approval once we have it back.  This will take about a week with expedited service.  That takes us to about 62 days.
4. Our dossier will then go to our agency who will send it to China to be translated.  This takes about two weeks. This takes us to about 76 days.
5. Then the dossier goes to the Chinese government to be logged in which also takes a couple of weeks. This takes us to 90 days. This is the critical date to reach and which we hope to meet before the 90 days are up to avoid any possibility of losing our daughter's profile.  
6.  As soon as we have the log in date, we can get our provisional approval.
(The dates are projections based on averages.)


Pray for our processing with immigration to go very quickly and faster than the "normal" 55 days.  This is the one place we can make up some time on this timeline and it not be such a tight schedule.  We would love to have this happen before the 90 days so we don't have to depend on an extension.  

After having lost the first child's profile, we know the heartache of being matched to a child and then it falling through.  

We know God's plan and timing is perfect and in this we are learning more about faith and trust as we walk down this path.

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