Monday, August 15, 2011

Documents in the Mail

This morning I placed 12 of the most important documents of this adoption journey into the mail.  They are heading to the Chinese Consulate in Chicago for authentication.  The post office staff was so helpful in putting together the package and the return mailer but I must admit to being a bit nervous about leaving those documents we have spent the last five months gathering in the hands of the US Postal Service!  Yet another time to learn a lesson on trust.  They have to get there and I have to trust that God will watch over them as they head down to Chicago.  They should arrive there tomorrow and then in about 2-3 weeks will come back to us.  One more step along the road to bringing Nini home. 

1 comment:

  1. Every time I go to pick up my mail I will say a little prayer for the speedy delivery and processing of the NPD (NiNi's Package of Documents). Blessings on your heads and hearts!