Friday, December 2, 2016


At this point in the process of adoption, timeframes become much more predictable. There can always be unforeseen delays and with both countries celebrating holidays over the next few months, anything can happen. With that said, here is a potential timeframe for the rest of the process. (Don't worry about what each step means. If it is in the US it is part of immigration and the VISA process. The steps in China are a final review of all paperwork and an invitation to come and get Molly.)
Immigration approval - US - 12/14
GUZ - US - 12/21
RTF - US - 12/23 or 24
Article 5 Drop-off - China - 12/28
Article 5 Pick-up - China - 1/13 -17
Travel approval - China - 1/25
(Chinese New Year Jan 27-Feb. 2)
Leave for China - Feb. 9 or 10
Family Day (When I get Molly) 2/13
Home - Feb. 25 (this date will likely change by a day or two in either direction)
Please pray for each step to move smoothly and quickly as the holidays and staff vacations can really slow things down. Its getting so close and I can hardly wait to meet her.

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