Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Hard Decision

I faced an incredibly difficult decision this weekend and I want to thank all of you who have been praying for me.
On Friday, I had a phone conference with the staff who had been with Molly, the little girl I am adopting. What I learned was very hard to hear. Her file that I had reviewed and had our doctor review, did not show the full extent of her needs. Without going into detail here, her needs medically and developmentally were extensive. I needed to take it all in, get counsel from people who know me well as well as people who parent kids with multiple needs, and pray.
After all of the above, I knew the answer was that as a single parent, I could not be the parent Molly will need. It was very hard to admit this.
I am so thankful for Gladney, my agency, who are incredibly supportive. Their words to me where about making sure the right kids are in the right families.
If you know me from the adoption community, you know I advocate for agencies meeting and evaluating the kids they place and this situation is exactly why that is important. Had they not met Molly in-person, I would not have had this information until I met her on the day she was adopted.
So, you are probably wondering if I'm not going to be adopting. I am definitely still planning on adopting. In the next few months I will complete the US side of the adoption paperwork and send it to China where it will be translated and processed. At some point, Gladney will find a child that will be my daughter. I am not sure on how quickly this will happen. God has that timing in place and I'm going to have to trust Him and learn some more about waiting on Him.
Please continue to pray for:
*Brooklyn and me as we let go of Molly. It is not easy.
 *Molly that a family will be found for her that is able to give her the help she will need.
*The right match for my family and patience as I wait.
I know not everyone will agree or understand this decision but please trust me that it was not made lightly. It was agonizing. Please be kind and supportive in your comments. I need your gentle care and compassion at this time.

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