Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Need a Toy Box

Brooke cleaned up her room today. She did a really nice job. Tonight when I went to pray with her before bed, I noticed a cleaning technique she used that could be very useful - every room needs a toy box. It makes cleaning up very easy. Simply take most items off of the floor or dresser and stuff in the toy box. The room looks great quickly. I think I might go buy a toy box for every room.

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  1. I am hearth sick about health problems of your husband, Dennis. . I have been reading the blog for months. I am the grandmother of a Chinese girl adopted one year ago. Looking at a video found on RQ, I think I see Brooklyn at about 105 minutes. Ruth. My blog is It starts with the adoptions in July 2011 and continues with stories of my entire family, all eight grandkids.
    Prayers to you and best luck with your beautiful daughter.