Friday, August 10, 2012

Five Months a Family

Brooke's daycare had a program this week.  The school age kids each picked an area of the world that they wanted to learn about.  Brooke choose her new home state.  Here is a picture of her in her outfit for the program.

I can't believe school starts in two weeks.  Brooke is ready for it to start. She will be glad to see her friends.  

She has been our daughter now for five months.  I can't believe how much she has changed.  She physically has grown several inches.  She understands English very well and is speaking very well also. She is starting to read also.  Most importantly, she is growing in her understanding of who Jesus is and what that means in her life.  

Last weekend we thought we might lose our older golden retriever.  She was very sad about this possibility and held her and cried.  Then she sat up, looked at us and said, "Pray for Abby."  She took Abby's paw in her hand and asked that Abby get better. Thankfully Abby is fine now.  

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