Saturday, July 7, 2012

Four Months

First dance together - I sang while they danced.  

Brooke has been with us for four months as of yesterday.  Wow, what a wild four months.  In addition to all the adjustments of a new member to the family we added a very serious cancer diagnosis for Dennis.  We obviously did not expect that but we know it did not take our heavenly Father by surprise.  He has prepared so much for us before we ever knew we would need it.  Brooke has been so good about all of this.  I love hearing her pray for her Daddy.  Before Dennis got sick, I loved hearing her giggle when they would rough house together.  Now they are more likely to spend time watching a movie, building with Legos or playing on the computer.  He has lifting restrictions for awhile yet and by the time those are gone, he will most likely be exhausted from treatments so rough housing together is unlikely.

Brooke loves Cinderella.  She watches it whenever she is given a choice about a movie to watch.  Last night she wanted Daddy and Mommy to dance together so while I sang, we danced.  Than she danced with her Daddy.  I didn't have a video camera handy but I did get a few still pictures of their first dance. She said Daddy was too tall to dance with so he danced on his knees.

Brooke's language is growing rapidly.  She understands everything and is talking a lot in English.  We are currently working on using complete sentences rather than just nouns and pointing.  She is catching onto that well.

Pray for us as we continue to grow as a family and as we battle Dennis' cancer.  We know God can work miracles and we are praying for one for Dennis.


  1. I was telling my family yesterday about your sweet family. Just wanted you to know that you guys are being prayed for.

    Many hugs,


  2. Thinking of you--followed your blog as you went to get your daughter from the Rumor Queen site. So sorry to hear of illness in the family and hoping there is a good outcome.