Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How's Brooke Doing?

As we face Dennis' battle with a brain tumor, we are asked often how Brooke is doing with all of this.  She is doing very well.  She asked my sister on the way home from the hospital about Daddy dying and she and I had a long talk about it the next day.  Frankly, we don't know the outcome of this diagnosis and so we are telling her step-by-step what is happening.  Her relief was apparent the first time she saw him after surgery.  You could just see her light up. She was also thrilled when he got home from the hospital. She knows Daddy is getting stronger following the surgery and will be starting medicine that may make him sick or tired.  It is precious to hear her pray and thank God for Daddy's head getting better.  We are keeping conversations going as various things come up and making sure she has plenty of time to spend with all of us.  At the same time, we are trying to keep her day-to-day schedule as close to normal as possible.

Tonight we were out on the deck and she took my cell phone and used it to get a bunch of pictures.  Then we grabbed the deck furniture pillows and had a pillow fight.  It was so good to hear her giggle as we played together as a family.


  1. Ellen, that's so good that you're being open an honest with her. And it's great that she already trusts enough to ask questions. My father was diagnosed with cancer when I was 8 years old and died 3 months later. I remember so clearly being told that he had died, and it just blindsided me. I had no idea that he could die, much less that he most certainly would, barring a miracle. I don't remember any one trying to prepare me for that eventuality. So, I just think it's excellent you're communicating with her. Lord willing, God will give Dennis full healing and she won't have to go through losing the precious daddy God just gave her. Praying!

  2. Ellen,

    I am so very sorry to hear of Dennis' brain tumor. I am praying for you guys! Know that prayers from Georgia are being said for you all!