Friday, July 8, 2016

Yard Sale

The last few days have been crazy.
Over the last few months my brother-in-law, Don McEvoy, has been helping me go through Dennis' tools and electronics. Dennis had a lot of stuff. This week was the yard sale to sell these things. It was a guys dream sale and it has gone so well. I advertised it as an adoption fundraiser and it has done really well.
It has been fun to meet some nice people and to share what God has done and is doing in my life. We opened the sale on Wednesday evening for friends and family and will close it tomorrow. I had people ask me today if there was another sale in the area because there was suppose to be a huge one around here. I chuckled to myself about this. It had been huge but so much has sold it isn't anymore.
My friend Laura Stevens Helwig and her daughter Kayley helped so much with the sale. They were here super early on Thursday to help with set-up and Laura was back again today. She also posted items on a for sale group she uses and many items sold because of her posts. Thank you Laura and Kayley. My friend Nancy Petak kept us well fed-she is an awesome cook. George Petak and Steven J. Schmitt made sure we had shade by lending us their canopies too. Bret Clardy just happened to be at our pre-sale on Wednesday at the end and stayed to help haul all of it back into the garage for the night. Thank you to each of these friends for your efforts to bring home my little girl.

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