Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nine Months

Just a quick stop here to mark the nine moth anniversary of Brooke becoming our daughter. Nine months ago today we signed the papers in China to legally make her our daughter but she had been our child in our hearts long before that day. These months have been a roller coaster for sure but we are so happy she is there with us.

Today we had the joy of celebrating her first St. Nick's Day with her.  It was a blast. She was so excited about the things in her stocking but also the things she had helped us shop for in our stockings.  If the weather man is right, she might get to see her first accumulating snow on Sunday.  So many first in nine months.  She is counting down the days to Christmas by taking a link out of a paper chain each day. 

School continues to go well.  We spend a lot of our commute time each day doing reading or math.  It is time well spent.  I think the car will be very quiet and my commute very lonely while she is on Christmas break and staying home with Daddy.

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