Wednesday, December 26, 2012

First Christmas

This was Brooke's first Christmas.  Christmas is not celebrated in most Chinese homes so this was all new to her.  We wanted her to understand that Christmas is not about what you get but rather it is about the birth of Jesus.  She really seemed to understand the concept.

Recently in school, she had learned the definition for J-O-Y.
Jesus - Others - You
She has really taken this definition to heart.  So often over the last few days she has acted in accordance with the principle of putting Christ first, then others and last herself.  It is exciting to see the reality of Scripture growing in her heart.  Even when it was time to open presents, she did not want to keep opening her things.  She was always saying someone else should open a package.

We spent Christmas Eve Day with Ellen's family, Christmas morning at home and Christmas Day with the Dennis' family.

Christmas Morning at home.

Happy Birthday Jesus cake.

Play bride dress.
Brooke and Daddy
We also had a major snow storm just before Christmas.  We got over 15 inches of snow in 24 hours.  Brooke loves the snow and has enjoyed playing in it.

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