Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Still Waiting

Emailed with our social worker today and our criminal clearances from Dane county have still not arrived.  She has requested them twice.  This is the only thing we are waiting for to complete our home study so we can send off our paperwork to immigration.  

We are still waiting for the little girl we want to adopt to be officially listed to our agencies children.  Earlier in the week the available children lists were updated and none of the children our agency is waiting for were in that group but they could arrive any day.  We will be so much more at ease once we can post or information for her and get a provisional approval. 

Please pray for both of these items to come through soon.

We did learn from some of our friends that the Homeland Security office that handles fingerprints in our area will allow you to walk-in and have them done rather than wait for your appointment.  This can cut weeks off of the wait so as soon as our immigration papers are sent in and we get the word to go have our fingerprints done, we will go down at the walk-in times and get this done.


  1. Ellen, we walked in early for our fingerprints too. Ultimately it did NOT make our approval quicker though. :( Its definitely worth doing though. Just wanted you to know most of the time it doesnt help speed it up BUT it does make it more convenient for you to just go ahead and check fingerprinting off your list. Go ahead and start working on everything else that needs to go in your dossier though. Everything needs to go through multiple authentications and if you have all of that done and waiting on just your I-800a approval, you can send that approval through expedited authentication and save some time. Email me if you need help understanding what to do on the authentication stuff....its a little daunting!

  2. Thanks for your comment on our blog! So happy to be able to follow your journey. It sounds like its been a bit stressful so far. I certainly hope it begins to smooth out! It always helps to remember that God knows exactly what is going on, there are no surprises to Him!
    -Erin Martin