Saturday, July 23, 2011


Friday marked some progress in several areas.

First, we met with our pediatrician to review the file of the little girl we are considering. He confirmed what we had learned online about the hole she had in her heart.  This is  a very common condition and many people are born with them.  In many cases they heal on their own.  This little girl had surgery to close the hole when she was less than a year old.  He told us she appears to be a healthy, normal child at this point.  So, we let our adoption agency know we definitely want to be matched with her.  Now we just have to wait for her profile to be posted to our agencies list from the Chinese government.  This could very well happen next week.

Also the draft of our home study is done.  They are waiting on one more criminal clearance and it will be complete.  As soon as we have that we will send off our forms to immigration to begin the process for approval to bring a child into the country.  This is currently taking about two months.  In the course of that time, we will get a letter to go to the FBI for fingerprints.  You don't get a choice on the time or date for this appointment, they just send you a letter as to when you are to show up.

We also received our medical forms back from the doctor.  We are deep into the paperwork and glad much of it has been gathered.  As soon as we have the home study, we will send these papers off to the state of Wisconsin for authentication and then to the Chinese embassy for their approval as well.

As soon as we have an official match with the little girl we are considering, we will post that news here as well as some pictures.  We are blessed to have many pictures of her as well as some video of her. You'll have to take our word for it at this point, but she is absolutely adorable. 

Thanks for your continued prayers as we walk down this path to adding this lovely little girl to our family.  We continue to pray for God's direction and guidance in this journey.

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  1. Ellen, just wanted to stop in and say hi! Glad to hear you got good news from the doctors! :) If its the same girl you were considering...she is a DOLL! Can't wait to see more pictures of her and a! That is priceless! CONGRATS and welcome to the journey! :)