Friday, March 3, 2017

Updates and Prayers

Updates and Prayers
Settling in with a 5 year old who has lost everything familiar in her life full of highs and lows. In many ways Molly is doing well. She is picking up language on a daily basis. She has made peace with all of the pets. I'm figuring out some of her food likes and dislikes. She is starting to understand that she is here to stay and that we are a family.
My plan is to start Molly into a 4k class next week. I will go with her and gradually fade put my presence. I hope to be back to school March 20.
On the hard side, she really struggles with sleep. Almost every nap and bedtime is a struggle. Even when she is asleep she will grind her teeth. Please pray for her that sleep will come more easily and that she will feel settled and safe.
All three of us are settling into our new roles. This too is hard sometimes. Brooklyn misses our time together but Molly is not ready to be left with a sitter so I can have one-to-one time with Brooklyn. We are learning that love sometimes is hard and self-sacrifice.
Please pray for all of us in this time of transition. The days can be filled with joy and hard times, both need your prayers.

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