Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Paper Chase

If you see me a bit blurry eyed and frazzled lately, it is probably because I have been spending a lot of time filling out paperwork both for Gladney, the agency that is handling my adoption and Lifelink, the agency that is doing my home study.   I am so glad I kept copies of all of this from Brooklyn’s adoption.  It has definitely helped in completing some of the many documents I need to compile.

Last week was an interesting week.  I saw a posting for a little girl from Taiwan.  I contacted Gladney about her and requested if they would ask about an exception to single parent adoption restrictions.  Taiwan did say they would consider my application for her but there was already a family in process of trying to adopt her.  In addition, the process is very different than China and there were many points at which the adoption could be denied.  After discussing this with several people, the one clear message I was receiving was that it would not be good for Brooklyn or me to go into an adoption that had so many chances of not being completed.  We do not need another loss at this point.

So, I am continuing down the path to an adoption from China.  This week I had my first visit with the home study case worker.  In addition, I will have fingerprints done for an FBI “Rap Sheet”.  We didn’t have to do this step with Brooklyn.  I will have fingerprints done again for Homeland Security when I apply to immigration to bring my daughter into the country. One thing you lose in the process of an adoption is any sense of privacy.  Fingerprints are only the tip of the iceberg but the end result is so worth it.  I’m hoping to have my home study done sometime in April.  Most of the other paperwork for compiling the documents I need to send to China is in process.  

The most amazing news from the last few weeks came as a total surprise to me.  I had dropped off my taxes with the accountant a few weeks ago.  Needless to say, with Dennis’ death this year, they were a bit complicated.  The accountant and I both assumed I’d be paying in this year.  Yesterday he called to set up an appointment to pick them up.  I asked him how much I’d be paying.  To my great surprise, I am getting a very nice refund.  This will go directly into my adoption fund.  I am so excited to see how God is supplying for the costs associated with the adoption.  

I ran across this on Facebook and love it:
God Never Gives you a dream that matches your budget.   
He’s not checking your bank account; He’s checking your faith.

Please keep praying for:

  • The process to go smoothly.
  • Complete clarity on identifying the little girl who is supposed to be in my family.
  • The little girl's heart to be ready to be part of a family.
  • God’s continued provision financially for the adoption costs.

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  1. I forgot how much I enjoyed your blog. You inspire me every time I read what you write. Thank you for sharing your heart