Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Loved Seven

As of yesterday, we no longer have a seven year old in the family.  I loved seven and will miss it a lot.  Seven was a year of discovery and adventure for all of us.  More so than for most seven year old girls as it was Brooke’s first year in our family.  Some of her firsts were:

Brooke with her buddies - Abby, Maddie and Willow.
First Grade
Having a family
First Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter
Learning about Jesus
Being a very loved daughter
Snow and sledding
Growing her hair long
Birthday Party
Learning English
Starting Piano lessons

The list goes on and on.  I know I will love eight as well but there was something magical about this first year with Brooke in the family.  I hope I never forget the sparkle in her eyes as she relates some events from her day or is excited about the anticipation of Christmas or her birthday.  I love her fist pump and “Yes!” when she is excited about something.  I love how she asks people she meets if they love Jesus or how she sings in the bathroom – even in public ones.  I love getting notes and pictures she drew just because she wants to give something special to us.  I love how she sparkles and spins when she is wearing a full skirt just to make it puff out.  I love going into her room at night just to see her sleeping.  I hope she retains the “little” girl for a little longer.  All too quickly I know it will be replaced by a “big” girl and I will love that too but right now, I am loving the little girl and looking forward to another year of  first with an eight year old. 


  1. Such a sweet post that fills me with even more anticipation! Our princesses will be six and seven when they join us! Enjoy!

  2. A Belated Happy Birthday to Brooklyn! She is a beautiful girl. Blessings