Monday, January 14, 2013

I Can’t be Super Mom

I’m turning in my cape.  I simply cannot be Super Mom.  Nope, I’m not the Mom who has homemade cupcakes, decorated perfectly for my child’s birthday.  The ones from the grocery store will have to do.  Christmas decorations have a longer shelf life than you would think.  If the tree is not down by February, we can hang hearts on it.  The house is not in perfect condition.  When I dust, you can see the trail the dust rag leaves.  Laundry breeds in my laundry room – that is the only logical explanation for the baskets full of both clean and dirty laundry.  My home will not be in the parade of homes.  The décor is not the latest thing from the Home and Garden show. 

But, I am going to be super at being my daughter’s Mommy.  I’m going to give her my full attention when she is telling me about the Bible story she learned at school today or about her struggles with her friends.  I’m going to take time to snuggle and to watch Cinderella with her for the 100th time.  I’m going to show up at school and have lunch with her just because I miss her.  I’m going to let the dust settle and the laundry piles grow because there is new snow on the ground and making a snowman is more important.  You see, I’ve come to realize that laundry will always be there, cleaning will always need to be done, she won’t care if the cupcakes came from the grocery store or not BUT she will care if I gave her my time and frankly 7½ will not last forever.  All too soon I will be wishing for her to be home more or to snuggle together before she goes to bed. 
I may not be Super Mom with all of externals in perfect order but I can be a super Mommy when it comes to cherishing my little girl and building a relationship and memories. 

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