Friday, September 14, 2012

Appearing Before the Judge

Today Dennis and I went before a judge to re-adopt Brooke.  This is basically a formality that will make Brooke's life easier in the future as she is already legally our daughter but at this point, her birth certificate is in Chinese.  In order to prove who she is in the future she would have to have her Chinese birth certificate, the English translation and her US Certificate of Citizenship.  Today the judge reviewed these documents and she will now have a birth certificate from our state like every other child born here.  The really great part is that it is very inexpensive in our state to do this.  After all the expenses of the adoption, it was nice to have something that was not expensive.

The last thing we will need to do is apply for a US passport for her.  Currently she has a Chinese one in her Chinese name.  We have no plans to use it anytime soon but want to get this done too so all of the paperwork is done.


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