Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We're Going to China

Two letters that mean the end of our adoption journey is finally in site.  We received the call this morning that our Travel Approval arrived at our agency!  We are overjoyed.  We have requested a consulate appointment in March and should hear in the next few days if we get the date we requested.  If we do, we will get to share this experience with our friends Beth and John who also will be in China to adopt their son.  We would overlap the last few days of the trip when we are at the consulate.  Please pray that we get the dates we requested.

As soon as we have a confirmed consulate appointment we can book our flights for China.  It is hard to believe that we will soon end this journey and be with our daughter.

Please pray for:
1. Brooke as she goes through a lot of changes in the next several months.
2. Us as we prepare for the trip.
3. Safety as we travel.
4. Adjustments for all of us as we become a family.


  1. Congratulations!! Very happy for you!!

  2. YAY!!!!! Praying you get your date!!!! Congrats!

  3. Hallelujah! Rejoicing with you and crying tears of joy! Will try to send something along to help very soon. You do know about the Abba Fund, right? They were a fabulous help to us financially. Message me if you want me to send you my phone number so I could tell you more about that. Trusting the Lord will provide all your needs and ease the transition for you and Brooke.

  4. Us, too! Maybe we'll be in GZ together!

  5. So happy for you!!! Congratulations on this wonderful news!