Friday, November 18, 2011

Living Life Between

Early in our adoption journey, one of my friends who has three daughters from China and is in the process of adopting a little boy from China, told me that when you are in the process of adopting you do the next step of the process and then live life between those steps.  I am definitely doing that right now.  I’m finding though that life "in between" looks different than life before we started this process.
This is what it looks like:
1.      First priority is to check the adoption forums to see if anyone is hearing anything from either China or US immigration.  Repeat at a 15 minute interval minimum.  Or just set your computer to auto refresh the page.
2.      After several refreshes, post about how quiet it is and get some sympathy from others who are waiting.
3.      Pull out pictures and/or videos you have of your child, pray for them and wonder how their day went.
4.      Email friends who are in the same boat.
5.      Do a blog post.
6.      Eat chocolate – it really does help.
7.      Go shopping for the child.  I’m a regular at Savers and Goodwill these days.
8.      When someone does hear something from China or US immigration, congratulate them and try not to be too disappointed that it was not you hearing the news.
9.      Make sure all your paperwork for the next step is ready to go.
10.  Sit back and count your blessings that God has allowed you the privilege of bringing a child into your life through adoption and remind yourself that His timing is perfect.  Repeat this step over and over again.
Seriously, the waiting is hard at times but I have learned so much as I have walked this road.  I am at peace about it and don’t stress over it too often.  I’m learning to do what God calls me to do one step at a time and not to look too far down the road.  The next step always seems doable but the whole path can be overwhelming. 
We do covet your prayer as we continue down this path.  Here are some specific areas to keep in your prayers:
1.      Pray for Brooklyn as she thinks about her new family and life that she will not be scared and that she will have real peace as she waits.
2.      Pray for us as we wait and prepare for Brooke’s arrival. 
3.      Pray for God’s supply of the financial needs for the rest of the process.
4.      Pray for the orphans around the world in need of families.  Pray that God will place it on the hearts of people to adopt these children.

Great music - So Far to Find You 

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