Tuesday, October 11, 2011

28 Days and Counting

Currently we are watching the calendar closely. When an agency has a file on a child for which they are seeking a match to a family, they have 90 days to make the match.  In most cases, as soon as they have identified a family, they can upload some preliminary information and lock the file until the families complete information arrives.  However, in some cases, the rules require that the complete file be submitted first and then the family can submit the preliminary information but there is still a 90 day deadline. 

We are in that last category.  Our 90 day deadline is November 7.  Our documents are in China now being translated and will be submitted as soon as they are done and then our agency can upload our preliminary approval information.  As of today, there are 28 days to complete this process.  By all accounts, that should be adequate to finish the steps needed to lock our daughter’s file but the closer it gets to November 7, the more concerned I get.  I am sure the reason this is concerning for me is that we were previously matched with another little girl and her file got moved and assigned to another agency and family.  However, our agency has been communicating with the Chinese adoption people about a possible extension if needed.  Our agency is keeping a very close eye on this situation.  Ultimately, it is in the hands of our heavenly Father. 

Please pray for:
  • Speedy processing of our paperwork so we beat the November 7 deadline.
  • Our daughter and the many changes that will be coming in her life.
  • Us as we prepare for her arrival.
  • Continued supply of the resources we need to fund the adoption.

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